Weekend College in Review

I know the worst broadcasting team in sports. I don’t know the name of the announcers, but they were working Saturday’s A&M/Fresno State tilt for Fox Sports Southwest. And I know they’re bad because during the most crucial moments of the game, they missed the most important fact.

It’s the first overtime. The Aggies have already scored. Fresno State needs to score to stay in the game. There’s been a play-action pass. The Fresno State receiver is heading for the end zone. There are some Aggies there to meet him at the corner. He tries to sidestep the tacklers. As he starts to go out of bound at the one, he tries to twist his body so that the ball gets over the goal line and that’s when he ...

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... fumbles the ball and the Aggies recovery.

The referees first rule no fumble. Then they review the play. The Fox guys show us countless angles of the replay. The announcers tell me that if it’s a fumble, then the game’s over. If it’s not a fumble, then Fresno State gets the ball at the one. And they review the angles. And review the angles. And the ref comes back and says that after further review, the call stands, no fumble, Fresno State ball. Then things make a strange turn and the ref decides to review things again. And the angles are showed all over again. The announcers go over the options. And the ref returns to the field and makes his ruling:

The call on the field is reversed. Fumble. But. Because there was a flag on the play, a roughing the passer penalty on A&M, it’s first down, Fresno State ball.

Here’s where the bad announcing comes in. This went on for about ten minutes. And not once did anybody mention that there was a flag on the play. If there’s a flag, it probably doesn’t matter what the replay shows because the play probably doesn’t count. Sure, the refs mishandled things and should’ve probably dealt with the flag first, but…

Why didn’t the TV guys ever mention the flag? Even after the ref makes his ruling, the TV guys don’t know what he’s talking about. They have to review a replay to show the roughing the passer penalty and then, and only then, do they notice that there’s a flag.

This is something that should’ve been noted right away. And if it’s not noted by the overpriced guy behind the microphone sitting in the press box, then it’s supposed to be noticed that the lowly-paid guy sitting next to him who’s called a spotter and who’s supposed to be looking for little things like a flag on a play.

I don’t understand it. I just don’t understand how something like a flag can be missed. I bet that was an interesting production meeting following the game.

And in football news, the Aggies did win the game in three overtimes after Fresno State was unable to convert a two-point conversion. That puts the Aggies at 2-0 for the season.

The Longhorns, in the game that I’d turned to Fox Sports Southwest to watch, came from behind at the half to tear apart T.C.U. While I doubt U.T. will rise in the rankings, it’s doubtful that they will fall. T.C.U., however, might have seen the last of the top 25 for awhile.

And Rice fan, I hope that you enjoyed last year’s bowl game, because if you can’t even beat Baylor, it’s doubtful you’ll be in a position to get to one this season. The Owls lost 42-17. To Baylor. The worst team in the Big 12. Wow. Talk about bad. That’s Notre Dame v. Penn State bad. But there is some good news, Rice fan. At least you’re not Michigan fan. Michigan was supposed to be good. But the team’s now 0-2. That’s the same record as Rice. Oh, and Cougar fan, don’t feel so bad about the season now; at least you played Oregon better than Michigan.

Meanwhile, Texas Tech also won, to go 2-0 on the season, and T.S.U. lost to go 0-2.

I can’t wait for the good games to start. -- John Royal

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