Weekend Weather: A Little Rain, Then Get Yourself Outside!

This is the time of year when visiting Houston is like visiting utopia. If you ever want to talk friends leery of Houston into moving here, bring them here at the end of October through the middle of November. Don't mention August. Don't talk about rain. Just bring them here and let them walk around in shorts on a 75-degree day and sip a margarita while eating queso on the patio at Ninfa's on a cool evening. If they don't think the weather is nice enough, tell them to keep their asses in San Diego.

The weekend will start out with some rain on Friday, particularly in the evening as a cool front pushes through the area. Forecasters are calling for a decent chance, but you shouldn't expect anything heavy. Once the front passes and the skies clear by mid-afternoon on Saturday, the weekend sets up to be beautiful with highs in the mid 70s and lows in the upper 50s.

In fact, it appears that most of next week will be similar with just a couple of days of clouds as another front moves through midweek.

For now, enjoy the reason why we don't curse the weather 12 months out of the year and for God's sake, GET OUTSIDE!

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