Weekend Weather: Chilly Then Milder; Four Reasons You Should Finally Go Outside

After a long, hot summer -- even a summer like this one that was, relatively speaking, on the mild side -- the first real blast of cool air is like opening the freezer door at the grocery store. It's bracing, but at least for me, really refreshing. I've seen a handful of complaints about this, our first really serious shot of cold air (at least by Houston standards), but most people love it and you can count me among them.

With the recent front moving through, we had the coldest temperatures since winter on Friday dipping all the way into the lower 40s for most of the area. Friday should bring sunny skies and highs in the 60s with another dip into the 40s Friday night. By Saturday, that warm southerly Gulf flow of air should return and we may even get a few clouds during a mild weekend with temperatures in the 70s during the day and dropping into the upper 50s and low 60s at night, which means there is no good reason NOT to go outside, but if you need some suggestions...

4. Seriously, have you looked out a window? In Houston, this is about as great as it gets. It might be a bit nippy in the evenings, but that is why God invented sweaters. This is Chamber of Commerce weather, so enjoy it, and if you need to stay warm, think about normal temperatures in early August. Think about it being 95 with 80 percent humidity. That should do it.

3. There is a patio waiting somewhere. And most of them have heaters. But, unlike California, we don't get this kind of weather year round, so take advantage of it. Need some suggestions? Try this list of our favorite restaurant patios or this list of our favorite rooftop bars. Or sit in your back yard or on your porch. Camp out in your driveway. Who cares?

2. We are fat. According to this, we are the ninth fattest city in America, which is an improvement over where we used to be. Still, we need to kill off a few pounds before the holidays, so go running or walking or even just walk from your car to a park bench and back. Something.

1. These days are uncommon. Houston does have beautiful weather, contrary to what people I recently met on vacation think, all of whom had traveled here between June and August (ugh!), but it isn't like this is San Diego. We live on a swamp surrounded by mosquitoes and the stench of death most of the year, so when you get weather like this, you cherish it like your grandmother's china and...YOU GO OUTSIDE!

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