Weekend Weather: Hot, Hot, Hot

If you are planning on getting outside this weekend, be sure to take extra care because the summer heat will be beating down like crazy. Temperatures today should reach the low 90s, and tomorrow it could get as high as 93. That's hardcore summer weather, which is great if you are getting in a pool or taking a dip in the Gulf, but not so much fun for other outdoor activities.

This truly marks the first real weekend of summer heat for 2013, and you can expect it to continue right through the beginning of September. If you love it, you're going to be happy for a while. If you don't, there's always a trip to the southern hemisphere or Alaska.

By Sunday, we could see some clouds ahead of a cool front that will likely stall before getting through our area. That might mean a shower or even a thunderstorm on Sunday. Forecasts are currently calling for 40 percent, but it's more likely the rain stays to the north of us. If the front does manage to push through, it won't get much cooler during the day, but drier air could help keep evening temps down in the low 70s.

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Grab your SPF 100 and a couple gallons of bottled water and you should be just fine out there. Or just park yourself in a movie theater and call it a day.

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