Weekend Weather: Hot, Hotter and Maybe Some Rain?

I would like to say there is a lot to discuss with our current weather, but honestly there just isn't. It is hot. It will remain that way with highs in the 90s throughout the weekend. There is a chance of rain every day. As on most Houston summer days, the warm Gulf air often creates the chance of thunderstorms in the afternoons. This trend persists with a 30 percent chance of rain, particularly closer to the coast as some tropical moisture from a disturbance in the southern Gulf of Mexico triggers showers and thunderstorms.

But rain will be in pockets and spread across the area as we've seen all week. As summer starts to wind down, this weekend will be typical of the Houston summer months with heat, humidity and the chance of a shower but mostly sunny conditions.

The weather in San Diego on Monday night for the game between the Texans and the Chargers should be near perfect. Temperatures should be in the upper 60s to low 70s with clear skies. That city has incredible weather and this Monday will be no different.

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Eye on the Tropics

Since Tropical Storm Gabrielle fizzled this week, there is very little to talk about in the tropics. In fact, if we make it a week longer, we'll set a record for the longest stretch of hurricane season without an actual hurricane. Many factors have led to this extremely quiet season, but the good news is that the point of the season considered to be the peak of hurricane activity in the Atlantic is less than a week away. We're nearing an end to what has been a remarkably quiet year.

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