Weekend Weather: Humid, Warm and Possibly Rainy

As the days drift towards more consistent fall-like weather, Houston plays a tug of war with daily temperatures. We don't really have "seasons" like they think of them in northern parts of the country. Ours is more of a lurching, dry heave towards every new quarter of the year. This year is no different. We got our first blast of significantly cooler air this week with lows that got down into the lower 50s accompanied by dry air making it damn pleasant around here.

By the end of the week, humidity began to creep back up as did temperatures. For the weekend, expect rain chances to climb particularly on Saturday, but forecasters are still calling for them to be "scattered" despite the 60 percent chance they put on them overall. Sunday will be more of the same but with reduced rain chances.

Overall, it will be balmy and humid with fairly good chances of precipitation right in the first of the week.

Sneak Peek to Next Week

Forecasters continue to insist a fairly strong cold front will blow through mid-week next week bringing with it increased rain chances and very cool temperatures. One long-range forecast was calling for highs not to get above the upper 70s through the end of the week and maybe even mid-70s by the weekend.

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