Weekend Weather: If You Don't Like the Weather in Texas...Wait

For most of this week, Houstonians have been digging their sweaters and jackets out of the deep recesses of our closets. We inundated air-conditioning companies with phone calls about our furnaces. We enjoyed the faint smell of burning dust we notice every year the first time the heater gets turned on. We burned fires in our seldom used fireplaces and practically abandoned outdoor patios at night. For the first time in months, it got damn cold outside.

It didn't set any records, but when lows are in the 30s in Houston in November, that's cold. But just as quickly as that Arctic air blew into town, it is retreating back to the confines of the great white north and the warm Gulf breezes we know so well are reasserting themselves.

So, if you long for cozy, fireplace weather, you'll have to skip this weekend and wait for next week because instead of lows in the 30s, we're going to have highs in the 80s.

In fact, we could see highs on Sunday in the mid to UPPER 80s (are you kidding me, weather?) as warm air off the Gulf envelopes southeast Texas ahead of another cold front that should push through Monday morning.

The only bad news is that we shouldn't see much if any rain out of this approaching system. The best chances of that will be late next week.

It's the way of the weird Texas weather, so don't put your flip-flops away just yet -- who am I kidding? We never put those away down here! -- and keep the sweater handy. It's wintertime in Houston!

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