Weekend Weather: More Rain Forecast, but Report Says Drought Could Last 15 Years

The temperatures are gradually moving in a downward direction as we get set for October and autumn. Last weekend saw our first significant cool front, dropping temps into the mid 60s in the evening. We also got a LOT of rain -- the most we've gotten in that short of a stretch all year. This weekend, there is a chance of isolated storms as a cool front moves our way, with the best chances coming Sunday and Monday. But, chances are still pretty low at 30 to 40 percent all weekend, so don't get your hopes up for another gully washer.

The "cool" front that sags our way probably won't provide much in the way of relief either, but there might be hope for cooler weather next weekend.

Until then, we are still suffering through a lingering drought and one Texas A&M researcher believes it could last as much as 15 more years for parts of the state.

John Nielsen-Gammon, professor of atmospheric sciences, believes that, particularly central Texas, could be in for a rough few years ahead.

"The long-term Pacific and Atlantic Ocean temperature patterns still favor drought in Texas, and probably will continue to do so for another 5-15 years," he said in a release. "Whether this drought will last that long or whether Texas will have an occasional wet year within that stretch is impossible to say."

Not the most thrilling forecast I've ever read. Fortunately, our part of the state is in better shape than most, but that could change. Let's hope it doesn't.

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