Weekend Weather: Muggy, Hot and Some Rain in the Forecast

Since the drought in 2011, I had almost forgotten what a typical Houston summer was like. Sitting at dinner with a friend recently, I was reminded how much most people -- particularly from more arid climates -- hate it. Two summers ago, it was so hot and dry, it felt like standing in an oven outside. This year, it's more like a steam room, but I'll take it.

Look, I realize the humidity is something most people do not suffer gladly, and I'm not a fan of the 95-degree-95-percent-humidity heat that happens about six to eight weeks every summer, but at least this year it is being accompanied by some rain. That's the good news. The bad news is that the same rain that cools us off a little also tends to put the old kibosh on outdoor plans.

This weekend should be fairly typical of Houston summer weather. Friday through Sunday are served hot with a side of afternoon thunderstorms. It doesn't look like we should get any real severe weather, but don't expect it to be bright and shiny all weekend if you had plans to sit by the pool, like me.

Eye on the Tropics

Since the demise of Tropical Storm Erin, the Atlantic has been quiet and it appears it will remain that way for at least the weekend. A couple of models are predicting some activity coming off the coast of Africa, but very little is forecast for the next week. If hurricane season is going to get busy, it needs to hurry. The peak of hurricane season is September 10, which is less than three weeks away. After that, things begin to decline rapidly for the tropics as the first cool fronts of the year begin filtering farther and farther south.

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