Weekend Weather: Rain Moves Out, Cooler Weather Moves In

I've been having a problem recently. My wife and I sometimes disagree about the temperature of the house. I prefer it quite a bit cooler than she does. During the winter, it's not a big deal because neither of us are particular fans of the heater blasting.

So, it remains mild to cool.

As the summer approaches, we routinely debate over where the thermostat should remain. Obviously, the size of the electric bill also weighs on our decision and, fortunately, we've mostly avoided any domestic incidents as a result of our minor disagreement. But Houston, for the past few days, has been mired in limbo weather.

It's warm enough that the heater certainly isn't needed, but not so hot that the a/c should get turned on, certainly not with regularity. My aunt would probably have a heart attack if she even heard me discussing turning on the air conditioning as she leaves her thermostat at a balmy 78 degrees during the summer.

Last night, I finally broke down and turned on the air. My wife was none to happy about it, but I insisted this is why God invented blankets.

Fortunately, for the sake of my marriage, the weather will save me from another argument with the passing of a cool front on Thursday.

Storms rumbled through most of the city yesterday as the cool front made its way through the area. A few were even in the moderately severe category, but not nearly enough to provide drought relief. The good news is that, despite some clouds beginning Saturday, the weekend should be beautiful.

High temperatures shouldn't climb above the low 70s through the weekend and lows will range from the lower 50s to lower 60s. While there will be cloud cover both Saturday and Sunday, there is only a very marginal probability of rain until the early part of the week.

Best of all, with the cooler temperatures, both the heat and the a/c will remain off at my house this weekend and no one will have to fight about it.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.