Weekend Weather: Seriously Hot, Seriously Dry

At the moment, the temperature is 67 degrees outside and there is a mild day in store with highs only reaching the mid-80s. Oh, I'm sorry, I'm not in Houston, where, at the moment, it is already in the 80s and the highs will reach the upper 90s to close to 100. My bad. Fortunately, I'm a good distance from Houston and out of range of your gun's scope, but I do feel for my fellow Houstonians because this week is going to be a rough one.

I often tell people who complain about the Houston heat that living here is much like living up north in the winter. There are three brutal months of the year and the rest is actually rather nice. In northern climates, they face ungodly cold in the winter. Now it's time for our ungodly heat.

This week looks awfully dry to go with the heat. Expect temperatures all week to push the century mark with very little rain forecast. Of course, with our proximity to the Gulf, it's certainly possible a stray afternoon shower will rumble through, but only if you are lucky.

Eye on the Tropics

The good news is, thanks primarily to a large amount of Saharan dust over the Atlantic, the tropics are very quiet and should remain that way for the next week. We are entering the peak of hurricane season, so the lack of activity is notable and welcome.

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