Weekend Weather: The Cold and Rain Are Back, Ice and Snow if You Are in North Texas

Mugginess is something we are familiar with in Houston. It's uncomfortable, but not unexpected given our proximity to the warm Gulf of Mexico. This past week, while it had its moments, has been a pretty muggy experience as temperatures gradually climbed into the mid 70s and humidity levels climbed with them. But, starting today, everything is changing. Remember that cold weather we had last week. Yeah, that's back.

A front will push through the area today and, as evidenced by the wet streets around town, it is bringing some rain with it. For areas well north of us, precipitation will be in the form of sleet and snow. The Texas Department of Public safety is warning drivers it could be a messy weekend in the northern and even central parts of the state.

For Houston, it won't freeze, but it will be noticeably cooler and rain will be plentiful.

Expect daytime highs to get into the 50s, but just barely. Overnight lows will moderate between the upper 30s and lower 40s through early next week when dry air finally reasserts itself and we begin to see the sun again. In fact, forecasts are calling for highs to not get out of the 50s for the entire week next week.

For now, it will be gloomy, drizzly, cold with moments of some strong thunderstorms. Imagine you are in Seattle but without grunge music and heroin addiction. Hey, at least we have Starbuck's, right?

Thanksgiving Preview

With only a week before Turkey Day, long-range forecasts are calling for sunny skies and highs in the mid 50s, so you'll need a sweater on your ride to wherever you plan to eat until your eyes bleed. Good luck!

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