Weekend Weather: Tropical Storm Ingrid Could Be Brewing in the Gulf

It's Friday again, thank God. The weekend brings with it quite a lot, actually. There are some pretty big football games, an Astros home stand and quite possibly a tropical storm in the Gulf of Mexico. At the moment it is hot and will continue to get hotter. Expect it to reach the mid to upper 90s today under mostly sunny skies. Even though a mild cool front will sag into southeast Texas tonight, we should expect to see cooler weather or rain from it, at least not in Houston. Areas north of the city could see some rain however.

Tomorrow brings more of the same hot and sunny weather, but it's Sunday when things get unpredictable thanks to tropical moisture in the form of Tropical Depression 10 currently in the extreme southern Gulf, which brings me to...

Eye on the Tropics

Before we get to 10, let me quickly mention both Hurricane Humberto and the depression formerly known as Gabrielle. Humberto barely remains a hurricane way out in the Atlantic Ocean. It is likely to be downgraded to a tropical storm in the next day or so having never made more than category 1 status (its parents are so disappointed). Gabrielle -- or what used to be Gabrielle -- has fluctuated between a depression and a storm for days now. It is moving north parallel to the east coast of the U.S., but is no threat to a land mass at this point.

Now, closer to home is tropical depression 10 which is likely to be Tropical Storm Ingrid in the next day or so. Right now, all the forecast models suggest a slow pace before it makes landfall along the Mexican coastline. The forecast has gradually moved north, but Texas doesn't appear to be a likely landfall destination. However, the farther it moves to the north, the higher our chances of rain through next week.

Forecasts now are suggesting the storm could meander around northern Mexico for most of next week bringing torrential rains to portions of Mexico and quite a significant amount of rainfall to portions of Texas. There's a fairly good chance some of that rain would make it into the Houston area, particularly towards the end of next week.

For now, it should serve to destabilize the air in southeast Texas enough to bring us decent chances of rain Sunday and into Monday. Hopefully, those chances will increase into next week as we need the rain.

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