Dorian is just an orange blob with potential.
Dorian is just an orange blob with potential.
Courtesy National Hurricane Center

Weekly Weather: Summer Heat and Ding Dong Dorian Is Dead

It's the dog days of summer are upon us. We did manage to get just a bit of rain over the weekend. As I talked about last week, showers were widely scattered, but a few areas got over an inch of the wet stuff. Most of the city only saw a trace, unfortunately.

This week should be fairly typical, with highs in the mid to upper 90s and a daily chance of 10-20 percent of rain. Assume at this point that it will be on the very low end of that scale. In fact, it is unlikely the area will see more than a trace of rain for the next week to ten days.

The good news is that this is the worst part of the summer heat for us -- from now through the end of August. By that time, temperatures begin their slow decline toward fall. In fact, next week, we will be only 60 days from October 1.

Eye on the Tropics

Tropical Storm Dorian fizzled over the weekend, but its remnants are straggling along north of Hispaniola. Maybe it was the Harry Potter marathon on TV over the weekend, but I keep imagining Dorian the way Hagrid described Voldemort in the first installment: "Nope, I reckon he's still out there, too tired to carry on."

The National Hurricane Center is giving Voldemort Dorian a 40 percent chance of re-forming. Even if it does, we won't need a hoarcrux to destroy it. None of the forecast models are expecting it to develop, and it will likely be pulled northward toward Florida later this week.

Still, with the time of year, it's a good idea to pay attention. No other threats are in the Atlantic at the moment, but that is bound to change over the next few weeks.

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