Weekly Weather: Wetter and Cooler (Relatively Speaking) This Week

The return to normal Houston summer weather continues with rain over the past few days thanks to an onshore flow and a mild tropical disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico. This is a welcome change from the past two years' worth of drought conditions. Since Sunday, the entire area has received about an inch of rain, some areas a bit less and others up to an inch and a half, particularly communities closer to the coast.

For those of us who struggle with the summer heat, that was only part of the blessing of the past 48 hours. With the rain came a great deal of cloud cover and significantly lower temperatures. Highs Monday and Tuesday struggled to reach the 90s, a rarity for mid-July, but we'll take it.

High pressure should begin to build back into the region by tomorrow and the sun and heat will begin to reassert themselves, but not to the same degree as last week, when we edged toward 100 degrees.

Beginning Thursday, we'll see a return to partly cloudy skies with the occasional afternoon shower and highs in the lower 90s. That should continue through the weekend with a gradual increase in temperatures through Sunday.

There should be another chance of rain into the middle of next week as the typical Houston summer pattern of heat and rain showers continues, influenced by tropical moisture. At least it's not a drought.

Eye on the Tropics

At the moment, there are no areas worth noting throughout the Atlantic and it appears it will remain quiet for the next week or more. Hurricane season begins to ramp up significantly in early to mid-August, so it's not all that surprising to see the tropics quiet at the moment. One month from now, we'll be entering the busiest portion of hurricane season, so we'll have something to discuss soon enough.

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