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So, the boss made you come in the day after Thanksgiving, huh? Yeah, and we're guessing there isn't a whole lot to do seeing as how everyone else's boss gave them the day off. (Luckily for us, the news never rests! ... or something.)

Well, nod off not, Internet friends. Hair Balls is here with links to Web sites to help pass (read: waste) time until your boss says "Hey, since you came in the day after Thanksgiving, why don't you leave an hour early." Really, a whole hour? You shouldn't have. (WARNING: Remember to keep a second window open to something work-related, so when the boss comes up, you can just click over.) Happy surfing ... pending you're not blocked by firewalls.

Welcome to stop Numero Uno: this one.
Hey, thanks for stopping by. While you're here why not catch up on local current events via our wittily written blogs and stories. Or head over the Rocks Off for the latest in local and national music news. Did that Turkey not stuff you up enough? Our food blog is filled with restaurant reviews and tips on where to find meals for just $13 or $7 (depending on how the current non-recession-that-sure-feels-like-a-recession is hitting you). Sports fan? Our guys are sure to get you cheering or jeering with their comments on whatever you consider your home team to be.

If you're not much on words, we have plenty of slideshows to check out - including one with strippers! (Did somebody type NSFW?)

Okay, enough shameless self promotion. If you're looking for more news check out Off the Kuff (which we got Best Blog in our Best Of 2007 issue). This dude knows more about what's going on in Houston than, well, probably anyone. Music nerds might want to peruse The Skyline Network or Space City Rock. Okay, enough news.

The same comic strip featuring a T-Rex and a Raptor done over and over with different dialogue, but always the same result: hilarity. Check out the MacBeth entry for November 26, 2008. Plus, if you hold your mouse over them an alternate text (nerdspeak: alt text) appears that's just as funny.

Exploding Dog
For those who like their comics a little more on the existential side. This guy has been creating his single-cell (read: one drawing) stick figure comics since 2000. Back in the day it was all the rage with the indie/emo crowd for titles that allude to love woes paired odd, silly drawings. Our favorite is titled "God Was a Grapfruit..."

Reviews, Reviews, Reviews
Apparently, one of the guys in our advertising department wastes his time by contributing to this blog which offers quirky reviews of anything and everything. From Mars (yes, the planet) to candy to flat tires to pomegranates to monsters to aliens - it's all there for your time-wasting pleasure.

"When you care enough to hit send" is this e-card company's slogan. Even if you don't have a person or reason to send a card, it's worth the trip just to read them. Bizarre greetings are paired with drawings that add to the oddity (and, of course, hilarity). You really don't even need a reason to send a card. There's plenty of just-because notes including one with the timely warning of "Obama's victory doesn't mean it's okay to start randomly hugging black people." But if you're looking for a theme, someecards.com has a word for every occasion, seriously - another sample: "Congratulations on being justified in your paranoia about being laid off." And sending is easy. No sign up, no long questionnaire. Just type in your e-mail and the recipients e-mail and, as the slogan suggests, hit send.

The Onion
File this under: Duh. If you don't read this mock newspaper's hilarious headlines, now's the time to finally check out what all your friends have been talking about for the past gazillion years.

Miss out on your favorite episode of 30 Rock, Lost or It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia? Then check out this site's exhaustive archive of links to ways to see them for free. Also check out www.hulu.com and Simpsons' fans should just head straight to www.watchthesimpsonsonline.com. (Warning from your tech support guy: Streaming video slows down your company's server and doing this might get you busted for not working.)

Got Facebook? Get the Scrabble Application.
No doubt, one of the best ways you could waste time would be to update your social networking site profile, but we recommend adding the Scrabble app on Facebook and playing with a friend - perhaps another just-as-bored-as-you co-worker.

Meow Mix's Cat Capades
Okay, honestly, when one of our staffers first recommended this we kind of gave it a "yeah, um, okay." Then we turned this list into our editor 30 minutes after we said we would because we got stuck playing games such as "I Can Has Kibblz" where you have to type the letter to the corresponding piece of kibble so your cat can eat it before it goes by; then there was "The Cat's Meow," a Guitar Hero inspired ditty where the numbers 1-5 on your keyboard serve as notes for the Meow Mix theme song and there's also "Yarn Ball," an air hockey-style game where you (as a cat) bat a ball of yarn across a table to another cat and try to block his returning hits. Seriously, this site is guaranteed to have you more entranced than a cat chasing after a laser pointer ... oh yeah, they have a game for that, too.

LOL Plants
Speaking of cats, this site mocks the popular misspelled-caption site and replaces it with, as the name hints, plants.

Amazon, Ebay and other various shopping sites.
Hell, just because you didn't get Black Friday off doesn't mean you can't get your Holiday shopping done. Plus, there's no line at this check out, baby! That is, unless you get caught and have to head for the unemployment line.

Did we forget to mention one? Feel free to share the ways you're "working hard" today in the comments section. (And hope your boss isn't reading this, too.)

-- Dusti Rhodes

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.


Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.