Monica Fuentes for HouStoned Images Ltd., Unlmtd.
Leave your cutline in the comments section, you funny SOB.

Welcome to Make the Cut

Judging from all the death threats hate mail cease & desist orders feedback we get, it's obvious that many of you think you can do our jobs at least as well as we do.

And you're probably right, which is why we've created Make the Cut. Each week, we'll post a photo with our meager attempts at a funny cutline. You can then jump on our comments section and show us how it's done. Along with bragging rights and the knowledge you've one-upped Press staffers, there are prizes in it for ya. All you have to lose is your dignity, 'cuz, you know, everyone will be able to read you.

Let's get it started.

This great shot was taken by our �ber-talented art director Monica Fuentes. Of course, you'll probably recognize it as an image of the ongoing janitor protests. But note the horse, and how interested he seems to be in the goings-on. And thus, we submit:

1. "You lookin' me in the mouth?"

2. "Oh man, I hope none of the guys at the Houston Club see me. They don't know I'm really a horse."

3. "Man, why couldn't you guys have gone on strike at the sugar-cube factory?"

Think you got a better cutline? Bring it. You can win concert tix, restaurant gift certificates, swag and more.

The Cutline Committee will announce a winner next week. Happy cutting. — Steven Devadanam

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.


Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.