Welcome to the Jungle: Houston Returns to Rainforest-Like Weather the Next Two Weeks

Hot, wet and steamy could either be the title of a porn movie, the description of a bunch of fat old guys in the steam room at the Y or the description of our weather this July. It could be all three. But, for the kids, let's stay focused on the weather, shall we?

If you liked Sunday's weather with rainfall across the area and the kind of humidity that makes your skin look young and your body perspire like boxers in that hood gym in Rocky III, boy, you are in luck. That kind of rainy, sticky, cloudy with moments of sun weather is going to be all over our radar (no pun intended) for the next couple weeks. At least, that's what forecasters believe.

The good news is that while some of this rainfall may occasionally be of the heavy, downpour variety, most of it will have spotty showers mixed with periods of overcast, drizzly conditions. The sun will probably show itself off and on as well.

For those of you who moved here last summer, this is normal summer weather for Houston. We typically go back and forth between blistering sunshine and downpours. As a friend of a friend once said of Houston, "It's fucking lush." It's funny to those of us who have lived here a while (or our entire lives) when people, because of the stereotype of Texas as the wild west, assume that our dust covered streets are covered in tumbleweeds. In reality, it's closer to a rainforest than it is a desert up in here.

This wetter pattern will likely continue right through until winter, the result of high pressure dominating the middle of the country and an emerging El Niño event in the Pacific Ocean, which typically means cooler, wetter winters for our part of the world.

Unlike last summer, when we were baking under high pressure and our forecast was serving up record highs along with brutal drought conditions, July could be mild -- a relative term when talking about Houston -- and downright soggy.

And with El Niño on the prowl in the Pacific, the likelihood of hurricanes is greatly lessened as well. So, yes, it will still be stifling and humid enough to make Houstonians feel like we need to shower three to four times each day, but we don't have to face the insufferable heat of last year or, probably, the hurricanes. Count your blessings.

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