Well, Shoot, There Goes That Plan

Well, Jason, I think you can forget about using Brad Lidge as a means of

restocking the farm system

. Not with Lidge now going on the 15-day DL with a strained

left oblique muscle

. And Richard Justice is


that this injury could keep Lidge out for two months -- which just happens to be past the trading deadline.

(And while on this topic of Brad Lidge, can somebody else go read this Ortiz story -- yeah, I know, that's painful -- and tell me when Lidge last pitched? In the fourth paragraph, Ortiz states that Lidge hasn't pitched since last Saturday night against the Mariners. But in the fifth paragraph he states that Lidge hasn't pitched since last Friday night against the Mariners. Which is it, Friday, or Saturday? Ortiz is supposed to be the team's beat writer, which means he should know this. And if he doesn't, then where's his damn editor? That seems to me to be a stupid thing to let slip through, especially because it's something that so's easily fixable.)

(And a further aside, though I couldn't predict this injury, I feel increasingly more vindicated with my assertions that Lidge should've been traded this past spring. And yes, I know that me and Jason have gone on and on about this, and we're probably not going to change the other's mind, but there were several desperate teams out there who wanted to make a deal, but the Astros brass wanted to live in fantasy land. And yeah, Jason, I know you think that the best the Astros would've done would have been getting Julian Tavares from the Red Sox, but I think a really good, aggressive GM could've done much, much better -- then again, based on what you wrote yesterday -- courtesy of Buster Olney -- Tim Purpura ain't exactly the most aggressive, or competent of GMs. And what does any of this mean? I don't know, I've kind of lost my point).


There is good news.

The Astos did win the game last night. The final score was 9-5, and this time, the Astros did not blow a lead in the 7th inning. Also, like Monday night, the Astros beat up on one of the best starting pitchers in baseball, knocking Bartolo Colon around for seven runs and 11 hits. Jason Jennings even got his first Astros victory -- that should be enough for Drayton to lock up this Baylor alum to a long term deal worth more than Roy Oswalt's.

And how about my man-crush Hunter Pence? Just another two-hit game, with those two hits being a double and a two-run home run. And speaking of home runs, Carlos Lee hit a three-run bomb to the deepest reaches of center field last night.

Lamb and Loretta are continuing to hit, which leads me to state that Adam Everett's injury could be the best thing to happen to this Astros offense (make that "is the best thing") because it's forcing Garner to play them both every day -- you just got to know that Garner's hating that. Hell, even Orlando Palmeiro got in on the fun last night, raising his average to a whopping .263 -- of course, he needed to get four hits to do that. And who out there really thinks that Palmeiro is going to be in for that kind of offensive explosion every night? Well, since Luke Scott is also injured, Palmeiro might need a few more of those nights.

And Craig Biggio got two hits to move him to within eight hits of 3,000. And, with seven games remaining on this road trip, I'm betting that Drayton's putting in a call to Garner sometime soon and telling him to bench Biggio so that the little celebration planned in Houston for Mr. Biggio isn't spoiled.

The Astros are at 31-40 for the season, still nine games back of the Brewers.

Wandy Rodriguez gets the start against the Angels tonight as the Astros try to win another series. He's going up against another young pitching stud, Ervin Santana. First pitch is set for 9:05 Houston time.

The Astros will be off tomorrow, then will be starting a three-game series in Arlington against the Rangers on Friday night. – John Royal

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