Well, We Do Like Cash...

So we assume you've all heard of the TV show Cash in the Attic, where a group of people remodel your home and help you try to sell it. Oh, wait, sorry, that's Designed to Sell. Cash in the Attic is the show where people get their junk appraised. Or is that Antiques Roadshow? Dang, it's tough to tell. You know, we're kind of confused, so maybe we should just let the HGTV Web site do the talking:

Treasure hunting begins at home. Host John Sencio ventures into homeowners' attics, basements, garages ... every nook and cranny to search for those not-so-obvious family heirlooms that just might make the inevitable trip down memory lane.

Expert appraiser Tim Luke and Christine Downing let homeowners know the hidden value of their finds. If the family can part with the newfound assets, the items are sold at auction and the newfound money funds a home project or purchase.

Sounds complicated, but anyway, the show's coming to Houston, and if you want a piece of the action, click here. — Keith Plocek

UPDATE: We just checked in with one of the show's producers, and she confirmed the show is definitely looking for Houston people, despite what this link says.

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