Wendy Davis and Greg Abbott Agree on One Thing (Proposition 6)

You may not have the foggiest notion what Proposition 6 is -- and/or you may not care -- but the proposition to change the state constitution to allow funding of the state water plan has got a few fancy supporters, including Attorney Gen. Greg Abbott and Sen. Wendy Davis, the two frontrunners for the governor's seat.

However, being in favor of something doesn't mean grabbing some pompoms and actually cheer-leading the whole thing. Abbott is in favor of the proposition, but he isn't being super vocal about his support. Meanwhile Davis told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that she was for it and encouraged others to vote for it. Both Abbott and Davis have said they plan on voting for the measure themselves when they hit the ballot box, making this one of the few issues that the Republican and Democrat candidates for governor actually publicly agree on, but like seemingly every issue these days, it's not that simple.

Abbott has been tepidly in favor of the plan, maybe out of personal belief, but most likely because some on the conservative side of things aren't so wild about the idea while others, like Gov. Rick Perry, are all for it. While some have reservations about funding plans to revamp the state's water infrastructure -- because of the money being pulled from the Rainy Day Fund or because the state doesn't have a pristine record running these kinds of funding programs -- some people have been willing to get on board thanks to the drought that has gripped the state these past three years.

Anyone curious about what Texas would look like without plentiful water supplies has gotten a good dusty mouthed taste of it in recent years. Even Nolan Ryan has gotten on board on this thing, making a commercial urging people to vote in favor of the move -- and if the baseball legend is for it, who can be against it, right?

Well, comptroller candidate Debra Medina, for one (she says the move is fiscally unwise and unnecessary, according to the Texas Tribune.) Abbott himself has expressed approval, but his camp has made sure to word that approval in tones as grudging as possible. His main primary opponent, Tom Pauken, was even more on the fence about the whole thing.

Either way, the issue will be decided next week, and right now we know how at least four people -- Davis, Abbott, Ryan and Perry -- are voting.

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