Wendy Davis and Texas Primary Results: What We Know Now

Photo by Philip Steffan
Time to start writing that concession speech.
Wendy Davis v. Greg Abbott.

Let me take the suspense out of this race: Abbott will win in convincing fashion. As I've noted before, there are simply not enough women and minority voters in Texas who will support Davis such that she can win. Indeed, setting aside gender, there aren't enough white Democrats in Texas. What is more, Abbott has three times as much cash on hand as Davis.

Both won their parties' respective primaries in convincing fashion with Davis garnering nearly 80 percent of the Democratic vote and Abbott prevailing with over 90 percent of Republicans backing him.

Up next, mark my words: Abbott is going rain down hell-fire -- in the form of TV ads -- that question the propriety of Davis' work while at her law firm (and another) vis-a-vis funneling state contracts to those same law firms. The Texas Tribune reported on this a while back, and it is now starting to gain traction in the right-wing blogosphere which means Fox News will pick up the story, thus forcing the MSM to cover it as well. Davis has never been found guilty of any actual wrong-doing, but this is politics, and Abbott's team will use this as a blunt cudgel to sully Davis' reputation.

What else do we know from last night?

AP/Youtube screengrab
Democratic primary winner.

Well, the Tea Party can count the Lt. Governor's run-off as a win. Dan Patrick actually won a plurality of the votes (41.5 percent) while "Establishment" candidate David Dewhurst won only slightly more than 28 percent. Dewhurst also lost to Ted Cruz in the 2012 Senate race when Cruz was able to paint Dewhurst as not conservative enough. If you are a Democrat, you should be scared of having someone as conservative as Patrick in the Lt. Governor's seat, which is considered the most powerful state-wide office. Patrick is a fire-breathing conservative. Allegedly, Dewhurst has been saving his campaign funds for the run-off.

But the Tea Party can't take much solace in Senator John Cornyn's spanking of Steve Stockman, nor Pete Sessions, who is Chairman of the important House Rules Committee, easy win over his Tea Party challenger. And I would be remiss to not note that George P. Bush is on his way to becoming your newest Land Commissioner.

In sum, we didn't learn much we didn't already knew. Texas is almost certain to remain red all over, both in state wide and national races. Davis' star may soon take a hit, but she'll live to fight another day (one can foresee a run for Congress in her Fort Worth district in 2016), and the Tea Party remains a force to be reckoned with in Texas state politics.

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