Wendy Davis To Prepare For "Bruising" in Governor Run

State Sen. Wendy Davis is widely expected to throw her hat in the ring for governor in a couple of weeks, but the GOP is already warning Davis to be prepared for a rough race.

"I expect it to be a bruising campaign," Texas GOP Chairman Steve Munisteri said according to Politico. "There's a lot of material on Wendy Davis. I expect it to be within the bounds of appropriate political discussions. She's going to have a lot of questions to answer."

Davis -- just in case you've been living under a cable-free, cell-phone-free very boring rock -- shot to political fame a few months back with her filibuster in the state lege opposing abortion legislation. The legislation eventually passed, but only after Davis had become the kind of famous that even gets a mention on the president's Twitter account and leads to hot pink running shoes becoming both political and fashionable.

There's been the usually waffling since then about a potential gubernatorial run -- it's open season for the spot since Gov. Rick Perry announced he wouldn't be running, and Davis is currently the kind of famous that could just possibly give a Democrat some kind of a shot at the office for the first time in decades -- but anyone who has watched the political will-they-or-won't-they tango enough can recognize some of the steps Davis is making.

Obviously the GOP thinks she's going to jump in, hence the bruising comment.

However, the Texas Democrat camp has a little swaggering of its own to do. Matt Angle, a Davis adviser, noted that Republicans may think they've got something on Davis, but Attorney General Greg Abbott, the clear headliner on the Republican side of the race, has been acting like an amateur (mainly, it's the "retard Barbie" thing.)

"Early on, it doesn't look like Abbott really has a firm grip on a statewide race," Angle, also director of the Lone Star Project, a Democratic group aiming to turn Texas blue, told Politico. "Early on, there are unforced errors. Wendy Davis is not officially running, and she's all in his head. Look at his consultants hurling personal insults at her; he retweeted an insult. Just the kind of errors you see made by people running for city council rather than people running for governor."

So yeah, it's shaping up to be an interesting gubernatorial race in the Lone Star State, the kind that comes with metaphorical boxing gloves and hopefully (fingers crossed) good use of the Rocky theme.

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