Wendy Wagner Takes Home the Hunting Prize

Every year, a Texas artist receives the Hunting Prize, a cash award in “the boner-inducing amount of $50,000” (as the inimitable Buffalo Sean puts it on

his blog

). The results are in – this year’s recipient is Wendy Wagner, who recently was included in DiverseWorks’s “Flicker Fusion” exhibition. (Our own Troy Schulze dug the “ethereal narrative” of her video work; to read his review, click


.) The piece that won Wagner such a tidy sum is

I Hope I’m Dreaming

, pictured right.

There’s been some chatter on Buffalo Sean’s blog about the prize, which is awarded by the oil-services company Hunting PC. Submitted works are supposed to be two-dimensional (no photos). According to the blog, artist Joan Fabian had her piece named as a finalist but was later disqualified. Jurors said the work wasn’t a painting; Fabian maintains it is. (Judge for yourself here.) There’s also speculation that the work was thrown out because it contains the word “war,” and oil companies are sensitive about that word. In any event, the artist has come to the conclusion that “The taste of oil barons really lacks.”

So, all you artistes, when applying for the 2009 prize that’s better than Viagra, stay on the safe side: Keep it 2D. Maybe stick to square and rectangular canvases. And…duh…cut the war stuff. – Cathy Matusow

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.