And don't get us started on stampeding elephants...

We're All Gonna Die!

Imagine the scenario: A meteorite crashes into downtown Houston, leveling the entire Inner Loop with a shockwave and covering the suburbs in a cloud of dinosaur-killing dust. Space City is toast.

Millions would die, according to disaster experts, if a gigantic meteorite crashed into Houston.

Although there are currently no meteors hurtling toward the Bayou City, experts warn we are woefully unprepared in the event one should appear out of nowhere.

Unlike some communities, Houston has no network of sirens in place to warn residents to flee the city should a gigantic flaming rock set its sights on downtown.

"We would be totally screwed if a magical meteorite hit Houston tomorrow," said one expert.

In other news, Houston isn't prepared for tornados either. -- Keith Plocek

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