Really, how hard could destroying an asteroid be?

We're All Gonna Die!

According to the Guardian, there's an asteroid hurtling towards Earth as we speak blog.

Named Apophis, these gigantic rock of death could smack into the Earth in a mere 30 years.

But no worries: The good folks at NASA are working on plans to land an astronaut on the sucker and blow it off course.

Sounds like a great plan. Wonder where they came up with the idea?

The Guardian story has quotes from a Houston egghead scientist on the subject:

Chris McKay of the Nasa Johnson Space Centre in Houston told the website Space.com: "There's a lot of public resonance with the notion that NASA ought to be doing something about killer asteroids ... to be able to send serious equipment to an asteroid.

"The public wants us to have mastered the problem of dealing with asteroids. So being able to have astronauts go out there and sort of poke one with a stick would be scientifically valuable as well as demonstrate human capabilities."

Here's hoping those brave astronauts get some kind of reward for their efforts. — Keith Plocek

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