We're Calling It: White Christmas in Houston, 2015

So, the seasonal modeling is apparently showing temperatures around Christmas could be lot colder than normal this year — like, cold enough that people are wondering whether parts of Texas, and maybe even Houston, will have a white Christmas.

It’s unclear whether the Internet rumblings of potential snow over Texas prompted Eric “Sci Guy” Berger to chime in, but early this week, Houston’s (or at least our) favorite weather dude posted this on Facebook:

So you're saying there's a chance...

Why not just swing for the fences and call it now: 2015 will be another year we see snowflakes over the Bayou City.

Of course, the odds are entirely against our prediction being right. As Berger put it, December 19 through 29 is expected to be 8 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit colder than average — meaning that temperatures may dip at most down to 35 degrees. Snow can fall at temperatures above freezing, but it’s rare.

Berger says if the wet weather continues, then parts of Texas could quite possibly have a white Christmas. And hey, it’s still a long shot, but Berger says it is the region's best chance at snow since Christmas Eve 2004.

If we’re right, then fantastic. If we’re wrong and it doesn’t snow…well, at least you won’t be navigating streets with snow and crater-like potholes.

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