"Patchouli on aisle four!"

We're Not Buying It

The term "Black Friday" actually refers to many Fridays.

There was the financial panic of 1869.

The day in 1881 when 189 Scottish fishermen lost their lives.

The 1919 riot in Glasgow.

The fires that devastated Victoria in 1939.

The 1978 massacre of Iranian protestors.

And the 2004 crackdown on peaceful Maldivian protestors.

Some pretty serious events, all of them.

But Black Friday is also the day after Thanksgiving, when people fight crowds for no apparent reason.

Which is why the folks at Adbusters celebrate Buy Nothing Day.

In an effort to stick it to the Man, man, they're asking people to curb their consumption and buy absolutely nothing today.

And, you know, if you wanna take part in some civil disobedience, all the better.

So far I'm doing pretty good; I haven't bought a single thing today.

Then again, I only woke up two hours ago. — Keith Plocek

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