We're Not That ACORN, Dammit

They say that any publicity is good publicity, so since KTRH-AM spends 15 hours a day talking about ACORN, it must be a good thing to have a business in Houston named Acorn International, right?

Apparently not.

Acorn International, which is a consulting firm, has posted a new message on its website: "No Affiliation With ACORN."

We are sometimes asked whether our company is the same as, or connected with, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, otherwise known as ACORN. Please note that we are not, in any way, affiliated with ACORN. Our company, Acorn International, LLC, provides environmental and sustainability consulting and partnering services to international industries and investors.

Remember: "Environmental and sustainability consulting," come to Acorn International. Massive vote fraud, secret plans to overthrow democracy, install a President-for-life Obama and put all conservatives in FEMA camps, call that other ACORN.

The Houston Business Journal (story's not available online) reports that the folks at Acorn-the-consultants had kinda hoped the whole other-ACORN thing might have blown over by now.

They put the message up on the website in case anyone might be confused, a company rep told the HBJ.

Spokesmen for Hitler Car Wash, the Hinckley & Oswald Gun Shop and the Roman Polanski Teen Klub were not available for comment.

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