"Told ya we were the best. Can I come back now?"

We're Number 3! We're Number 3!

Money Magazine has announced its annual list of 10 Great American Towns today, and hot dang, Sugar Land has come in third. The survey reports what commuters on 59 have known for years: Sugar Land is home to value. "And in few desirable cities does a buck go so far: $200,000 buys a roomy house in a landscaped neighborhood with a community pool," hails the report. (Now if there were just wider roads to accomodate all those people in the $200,000 homes...)

Incidentally, as proof that everything's better in our state, Texas leads the nation in desirable cities with a total of ten. No, H-town isn't a finalist. But hey, neither is Dallas.

The report also lauds Sugar Land's diversity: "Today the city is almost a quarter Asian, and Sugar Land is home to mosques as well as Hindu and Buddhist temples." Gotta love this line:

The area's heat and humidity tend to remind Asian immigrants of home, and in the '80s, as Sugar Land became less a sleepy small town and more a land of good jobs and affordable housing, more Asians moved in.

As someone born to Asian immigrants, and as someone who grew up in Sugar Land, I have to take issue with that statement. It's SL's insane traffic that reminds my dad of his hometown.

Well, that and all the Asians. — Steven Devadanam

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