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Traffic Mayhem Unleashed This Weekend on the West Loop and 290

See this stretch of road right here? Don't go there this weekend. Save yourself.
See this stretch of road right here? Don't go there this weekend. Save yourself.
Photo by Zack Despart
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Construction always seems to make a mess of Houston roadways. We still aren't sure why scientists don't study the near constant highway renovations here. We think it could be the basis for the world's first perpetual motion machine.

But even if scientists are immediately dispatched to Houston to solve the problems of the universe, they will need to get through what promises to be one of the nastier weekends of road closures we have seen in a while. Mix in the likely rain and cold, and, well, maybe just stay home. Here are the particulars.

Eastbound from FM-1960 to FM-529 (Saturday, 7 a.m. - 5 p.m.)
Westbound from FM-529 to Eldridge Parkway (Friday, 9 p.m. - Monday, 5 a.m.)

We all know what a mess 290 has been the last seven years. We've gotten so used to it, in fact, it's almost comforting. We have no idea how we will feel when the construction is over. We're kidding. It's NEVER going to end. This weekend, you get a pair of closures.

The first will be inbound between 1960 and 529 just north of the Beltway. It's closed all day Saturday, so all you Cypress folks who thought about coming downtown for the day, pack a lunch. The other is the entire weekend on the outbound side in roughly the same spot. It's like God is personally punishing Jersey Village for simply existing.

West Loop
Southbound at Woodway (Friday, 9 p.m. - Monday, 5 a.m.)

It begins. We've been warning you for a while about the project to reshape 610 between I-10 and IH-69. Up until now, it's been some closed exits, narrowed lanes and the standard Galleria traffic that has choked us for what feels like centuries. But, this weekend, the entire southbound lanes will be closed at Woodway where you'll be forced to exit and make your way along the feeder road. Houston TranStar describes it like this:

All southbound lanes of IH 610 West Loop will Exit the Woodway, All Traffic will follow the IH 610 South Bound frontage Roads and Enter at the Next On-Ramp to IH 610 southbound main lanes. Police Officers will be assisting IH-610 traffic through the Woodway Intersection. 

You heard them. They don't even tell you where you re-enter the freeway. The assumption is Post Oak, but who knows? It is going to be so bad, cops will be directing traffic through the area. And if you have been on the feeder road between Woodway and Post Oak any time in the last few months, you know what a total disaster it is right now.

The good news is this is happening a couple weeks before Black Friday because if TxDot tried to pull this nonsense on the busiest shopping day of the year, people might start flinging their $99 flat screens at construction workers. For this weekend, we recommend you avoid the entire area unless you get there via a kayak on Buffalo Bayou. If you live in the area, well, peace be with you.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.