The hawks have arrived.
The hawks have arrived.

West University Warns Residents: Hawks May Kill Your Beloved Pets

West University has issued an ominous warning to residents: Your beloved small pets might get carted off by a hawk.

"There has recently been a resident report of hawks or other large birds of prey nesting in the central portion of West University Place, seen near the intersection of Auden and Plumb," the warning says. "We wish to inform residents with small animals that they should be aware that situations such as this may pose a threat [to] smaller animals."

West U: Where life is a daily, deadly struggle to survive in the wild.

The West University Examiner is on the case, and talked to a resident who believes his pet rabbit -- imaginatively named "Bunny" -- was a hawk victim.

Waverly Gage told the paper that shortly after the rabbit went missing, a hawk flew into a glass door at her house.

It was momentarily stunned, then flew off.


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