West Wing Creator Aaron Sorkin To Discuss His Latest Play At The Alley

Hair Balls has raved about The Farnsworth Invention at the Alley Theatre, the gripping drama about the invention of television. (Yes, we said "gripping drama about the invention of television.")

The play is written by Aaron Sorkin, the guy who's given us West Wing, A Few Good Men and Charlie Wilson's War.

Now the Alley is offering a one-night special -- a "talk-back" with Sorkin, and director Gregory Boyd, after the June 23 performance of Farnsworth.

Boyd will interview the playwright (and, one hopes, entertain some audience questions) onstage after the performance. Tickets are the regular price; you just get a little somethin' extra for your trouble.

Sorkin -- like his screenplays and plays -- is loquacious and insightful, so it should be lively. He also might feel some "in the lion's den" atmosphere as a dedicated Democrat coming into what he no doubt sees as Bush territory.

Out of politeness, it's probably best not to ask him about his drug binges, which have been colorful. Stick to safer stuff, such as what it's like to date Maureen Dowd.

Or, you know, you could ask about the play.

Update: SPOILER ALERT!!! Please note, the first comment below contains a spoiler. If you don't want to know it, don't read it.

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