Westbury Square -- Say bye-bye to those buildings

Westbury Square Up For Sale Again

Westbury Square, the semi-dilapidated, uniquely Houston shopping center on the southwest side of town, is once again up for sale.

The "original Galleria" to some, the property is a collection of European/New Orleans-y style buildings that once housed shops in the swinging `60s and `70s. It's fallen on harder times since then, and has been the subject of constant rumors of renovation and restoration.

Now it's for sale again, and the sellers don't expect the buildings to survive.

"It does have some nostalgic recognition and value," says gary Loh, one of the two brokers selling the property. "Our hope is that a developer would come in and redevelop the site and incorporate some of the features and attributes of the old Westbury Square."

That would not include keeping the buildings. He says they need to be "scraped," which we guess is real-estate talk for "scrapped."

When he talks about redeveloping the site, he says, he means "scraping the buildings but using some of the flair of the old Westbury Square."

The site, which is about 7.5 acres, is near the intersection of Chimney Rock and West Bellfort; it's now adjacent to a Home Depot store. The owner has decided "to aggresively market it," Loh says, and is hoping for $12 million for it.

The site has a lot of memories for Houstonians; even in its darkest days it was once used as a setting for a production of A Streetcar Named Desire. It won a "Best Ruins" award in the 2007 Best of Houston issue.

Lot of potential, for a long, long time

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.