We've Been Invaded!! And Pwned!!!

In case you missed it, the Ron Paul Revolution, such as it is, has moved to Hair Balls.

A fairly innocuous post that dared to question the idea that Paul is the single greatest thinker of the 21st Century (or the 18th, or 19th, or whichever one his followers are claiming) lit off the semi-standard Paul blog-comment firestorm.

Among the things questioned: My first name, my skill-set being better suited for the janitorial industry (or something; we just skimmed), not to mention the fact that I should not have "made fun of" the fact that Paul is an OB/GYN because, after all, an OB/GYN delivered me.

I don't think the OB/GYN who delivered me had anything against paper money, but I don't remember discussing it with him at the time. (Insert furious reply discussing the history of the gold standard!! And how the MSM is in on the scam!!))

Some people on the web refer to these fiercely typing troops as "Paultards," but we won't.

We will note, with some perplexity, that the commenters seem to regularly refer to me as "a sportswriter," which is apparently a reference to a column I used to do in the defunct Public News more than ten years ago.

Anyway, some of the stuff is pretty funny, and I do mean intentionally so. Check it out.

-- Richard Connelly

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