What a Relief

We hope this guy didn't actually plan on playing this year.

Okay, I’m a big man. I can admit when I’ve been wrong. So, Wandy Rodriguez, I apologize for some of the things that I’ve said about you. However, I really think that you need to have a nice little chat with your teammates.

Here’s what Wandy did last night. He pitched seven innings and gave up two earned runs. He also struck out a career high of eight batters. He left the game with a 4-2 lead. In the top of the eighth inning, the Reds scored three runs off of Chad Qualls to take a 5-4 lead and to cost Wandy the win.

Now, hold on, the Astros came back to score three runs in the bottom of the eighth to take a 7-5 lead. Things would get scary again in the ninth when the Reds put two men on the bases with one out; however, closer Dan Wheeler induced a double play to save the Astros victory.

Wandy however, has yet to win a game since July 7 of last season.

The nice things said, I’ve got some things to get off of my chest.

People think Grady Little is a bad and stupid manager because he left Pedro Martinez in Game 7 against the Yankees in the 2003 AL Championship Series. The BoSox would lose the game and the Yankees would go onto the Series because Martinez was tired. However, what many people forget is that the Red Sox bullpen was awful that season. The best option was to keep pitching Martinez. The best reliever out of the Sox bullpen that year was starter Tim Wakefield, who, because he threw a knuckleball, could pitch out of the pen if needed.

People don’t think that Phil Garner is a bad and stupid manager. And I can’t figure out why. For instance, Morgan Ensberg got the start at third last night. And Phil batted him in the two slot. And starting in right field was Jason Lane, who Phil hit fifth. I’ve got to say, I’m really beginning to wonder whether Phil wants to win these games.

I’ve also got to wonder if Mark Loretta ever sits back to consider whether he made the wrong decision to sign with the Astros. If a career .300 hitter who started in last year’s All-Star Game can’t start on this Astros team, he’s got to figure that his career’s over. Do Lane and Ensberg have some kind of compromising photos of Garner and Drayton? That’s the only thing I can think of to explain this.

Further, it’s nice to see that Adam Everett’s back in mid-season form. You know, two men on base, one out, ground into a double play. Nice work. And that was the first inning. In the third inning, Berkman and Lee got on base to start the inning with no outs. Lane flied deep to left, and none of the runners advanced. Pence flied deep to center, and Berkman advanced to third. Then Everett popped up foul to the first baseman.

But who did Phil turn in the eighth inning when he needed the runs? That’s right, Mike Lamb and Mark Loretta.

And, I have to be a big man again. Luke Scott then came through with a double to score Lamb and Loretta to put the Astros up 6-5.

The Astros are now 2-1 for May, and 12-15 for the season. The Astros now go back on the road, and will start with three games in St. Louis before playing Cincinnati four more times. – John Royal

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