What Are Houston Twitterers Doing For the Rodeo?

We don't know if you're heard, but there's something going on over at Reliant Stadium called the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo. We sent the call out over Twitter for Houston folks to tell us their plans, and they did. Y'all are cooperative that way. Houston Press comments are in parentheses.

txkyle: We'll be there tomorrow for the rodeo and carnival w/ the kids. Probably skip the concert, tho. (We understand; by the time Trace Adkins takes the stage, you'll have scarfed down approximately 900,000 calories of fried food. If you're anything like us, that is.)

Catazon: Volunteering in the 2nd highest selling club every 3rd night and taking advantage of perks of doing so when not working. (Intriguing. Tell us more about these "perks.")

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j_glover: spent last Thursday at cookoff in KILT tent with Randy Houser and going to Toby Keith this Tues! (Make him show you his limited-edition Ford F650. It's supposed to be bigger than two school buses side by side.)

jhaubein: so excited about the rodeo! Taking kids & my parents to livestock show and carnival for a TEXAS good time! (That's the spirit! Y'all have fun.)

magictoenail: Oooh oooh! I've got a friend visiting from California, and I'm taking her to the rodeo on Saturday. She's never been to one. =) (Just make sure she knows it's not like this all the time. We don't need any more confused out-of-staters wandering around downtown looking for the funnel cake booths.)

she_eats: Eating as many fried products as possible, then getting on the Storm and trying not to puke. Afterwards, petting goats. (What, did someone dare you? Don't puke on the goats. It's rude.)

jessicamarritt: I am going to eat something on a stick. (Hell yes. Food on a stick is vastly underrated.)

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