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What Are You Doing Inside? Talk About a Beautiful, Chilly Weekend On Tap

I am not one to lecture anyone about anything. I know enough to know just how much I don't know, you know? But one thing I will tell you emphatically that, if you are able and not allergic to the rays of the sun, you MUST get outside this weekend. Seriously, this is not a joke, son.

You see, we are in May in Houston. If you are new to these parts, well, that normally means the most common trait shared by citizens is sweatiness. Temperatures are gradually creeping from, "Aw, this is pleasant" to "Oh, God, it's hot" before finally reaching "JUST KILL ME, PLEASE!" levels usually in August. But, this weekend may even find itself in the "Damn, I guess I need a jacket" range.

Temperatures today won't make 70 degrees. Yes, seven-zero. And the low tonight should be in the low 40s, shattering the previous record for this day of 47 degrees. Go ahead and turn the stupid heater back on one more time.

Tomorrow will be just as unreal, with temperatures in the mid 70s for highs and upper 40s for lows. By Sunday, a little humidity will begin to re-enter the forecast, but it will still be mild and lovely outside.

So, like I said, if you aren't outside now, you probably should go. If you work in an office, just say you aren't feeling well. I'll vouch for you.


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