What Are You Laughing At? You're Not In The Krystal Burger Hall Of Fame

There are probably few things in this world that mean immortality more than having your face plastered on the side of a fast-food box. That's what's happening this weekend for Houston's Joey, Robert and Steven Clark when they're inducted into the Krystal burger Hall of Fame. (Krystal burgers are the White Castle of the South.)

Past inductees have included a former .38 Special guitarist and a member of the Corsairs, (apparently) widely known on the Renaissance circuit for its Irish tunes.  

Clark brothers, meet Greatness.

The brothers - Robert is actually a best friend with the same last name - are being honored for a 7-foot tower they built using 450 Krystal boxes. You're thinking the idea came after the brothers ran out of pot one day and decided to clean their apartment. Not really, but pretty close.

Although frankly, talking with the Clarks doesn't do a whole lot to convince you sobriety and a clean head had much to do with this.

"That gets kind of hazy, but we would just go to Krystal at random times, and Robert saved the boxes in his car for whatever reason," Joey Clark tells Hair Balls. "Basically, I got tired of making stuff out of beer cans and said I'll make something out of Krystal boxes because we had so many left over."

The original idea was to build a huge pyramid, but that was ditched after they decided it would take too much time and too many boxes, so a tower seemed like a better plan. It was going to be 11-foot-tall, but then seven seemed good enough. Also, it's really a replica of the Washington Monument.

"If there's a chance that we're going to get our faces on boxes or something like that, or get the slightest 15 minutes of fame, we're going to try and do it," Joey says, holding back laughter.

Krystal designed a special box featuring the brothers' faces, and the induction ceremony is this Saturday at the city's only Krystal restaurant, located in north Houston.

-- Paul Knight

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.