What Did Texans #AskObama?

Yesterday afternoon, our country's most technologically savvy President (a self-described CrackBerry addict) held the first-ever President Twitter Town Hall, where netizens of all stripes could submit questions to the Commander by simply appending the hashtag #askObama to their tweets.

With the entire state in a months-long crippling drought, a few controversial court cases in the national spotlight, and our longest-serving Governor rumored to be running for an even higher office, Texans had a lot on their 140-character-addled brains yesterday. In order to get a feel for what the Hive Mind was thinking, we searched Twitter for the #askObama hash tag and either "Houston" or "Texas."

This Twitterer is concerned with the enforcement of the Vienna Treaty in the case of Humberto Leal.

This Twitterer could be a Minuteman in the making.

A reasonable question for a divided country and government.

Old wounds heal slowly. Some form of this sentiment was repeated and retweeted with wild abandon. Just like how Houston was abandoned during the shuttle distribution process.

And this tweet, about the ongoing controversy over religious speech at the Houston National Cemetery, was also a common refrain.

Just the very iceberg of the Texas-bashing that also went on during the townhall, though in some cases Texas's success was compared to California's failure as a socialistic state. After this it started to get weird...

Teacher's pet.

Michael Hall of Texas Monthly asks the unanswerable.

Ouch. Maybe it's because we don't have a retired shuttle?

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