What Happens to the Kids?

A hot story recently has been the issue of what happens to the children of parents who have been either placed in an immigrant detention center or deported. It appears veteran journalist Bill Conroy has an interesting lead.

According to Conroy’s entry on the Web site narcosphere.narconews.com, the federal government is preparing to move many of these children, some of which are U.S. citizens, to a holding facility near San Antonio. Conroy’s source says San Antonio school officials have been alerted and are expected to have to provide educational services for the children.

Rolando Martinez, spokesman for the San Antonio ISD, says he has not heard these rumors. “I’m pretty sure that we’re not impacted,” he told the Houston Press Monday morning.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean Conroy is barking up the wrong tree. You can read his full story here. -- Chris Vogel

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