What J.J. Watt Should Do With His Cast

It wasn't a major surprise seeing J.J. Watt on the injury report earlier this week. After all, it was quite clear in the Texans' 30-21 loss to Buffalo on Sunday that J.J. was moving a tad gingerly while nursing a groin injury, keeping in mind that "a tad gingerly" for J.J. Watt is the same as an average player playing on steroids with B-12 coursing through his veins. 

However, the devil is always in the details, and the fact that J.J.'s denotation on the injury report indicated "hand/groin" was a little unsettling. We knew about the groin, but where did this HAND injury come from? (Actually, the dual injury had a tinge of humor insomuch as Watt had tweeted out a picture on Tuesday night of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show on his TV screen, and now had groin AND hand injuries…because, you know, hand…groin…bikini clad babes…you get it.)

As it turns out, the hand injury is a broken left hand that was sustained in practice this week during pass protection drills, and it's bad enough to where Watt was sporting a cast during his media session on Thursday, although Watt insists that the broken hand (and whatever apparatus may be stabilizing it) will not be an issue on Sunday. We shall see.

We here at the Houston Press, meanwhile, pose the rhetorical question "Forget about being a hindrance, why can't the cast actually be something useful? A value-add, if you will?" After all, if Jaime Lannister can still defeat practically anyone in Westeros in a sword fight with no left hand, and if Luke Skywalker can still free the galaxy far, far away from the emperor with no right hand, then why can't J.J. Watt turn the cast on his left hand into a model of utility? 

How about these ideas, for starters? 

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.