What Kind of Vehicle Is Each Democratic Presidential Candidate?

What, you thought we were just gonna have fun with the Republicans? Come on now. Click here for a slideshow of candidates from both parties, or scroll down for the Dems.

Bill Richardson: Who? Oh, yeah. The guy who’s not named Clinton, Obama or Edwards. Sometimes we even wonder if he’s there. And don’t get us started on how you use the bathroom in that thing.

Dennis Kucinich: Green, but not in a rugged, mountain-biking sort of way.

Barack Obama: First off, this car looks cool. And it's probably one helluva sweet ride. But unless you're an engineer at the Chevrolet Top Secret Underground Concept Car Design Fortress, you'll have to wait a few more years until this baby's actually in production. And who knows -- it may very well be worth the wait.

John Edwards: Duh. He’s a trial lawyer, people. You know how they are. Just look at that haircut.

Hillary Clinton: We were gonna go with the Hummer, but we figured that’s more Bill’s speed. Zing! So Hill gets the DeLorean, because she wants to take us Back to the Future and she totally hates those Iranian terrorists. And can you blame her, after what they did to Doc?

Click here for a slideshow of candidates from both parties.

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