What Not to Expect When You're Expecting: Two Pregnant Sisters Brawl

What should have been a bucolic weekend family visit to a Lufkin McDonald's turned nasty when two pregnant sisters attacked each other for unknown reasons.

According to the Lufkin Police Department report, Tammy Martin and her daughters, Shnice Foster and Joy Hood (19 and 20, respectively) were returning from a McDonald's near Gobbler's Knob Road (!) when the sisters "began arguing. The arguing then escalated into throwing food at each other, which then escalated into Foster striking Hood in her stomach. Martin explained that both females are around five months or more pregnant and that by getting hit in her stomach, Hood became furious."

It continues, detailing the switch from a volley of french fries to a more dangerous weapon:

Martin stated that she pulled the vehicle over around Gobbler's Knob and Southwood, and both girls got out of the car, yelling at each other. Hood approached Foster in a manner that Martin thought she was going to hit her...instead, Hood sprayed Foster with 'Mace' in her facial area.

The two of them continued yelling at each other when Foster...advised that her 'belly' was hurting. Martin announced that she was taking Foster to the hospital, and Hood refused to go. Hood then called a friend to pick her up. Martin brought Foster to Memorial Hospital.

Mace in the facial area? Ouch. That can't be good for the baby.

Hood has been charged with simple assault, but was not arrested. We can only speculate that -- and we're sorry, but we can't help ourselves -- the sisters did not order Happy Meals...

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