What? Someone's Coming Into The Houston Housing Market?

Even though the Houston housing market hasn't been battered as much as the rest of the country has, we thought it'd be a while before any developer announced they had decided to enter the fray here.

But the Wall Street Journal reports that "luxury builder" Toll Brothers, which has developments in other major Texas cities, is coming to Houston.

Said the paper's blog:

"We are pleased that after many years of looking in the Houston market that we are finally entering that market with a community in the Woodlands, which we feel is a most successful managed planned community in the Houston market," said Chief Executive Robert Toll, in a conference call to discuss its second-quarter results. "We plan to open for pre-sales and orders...this year."
Hey dude, learn this about Houston --You capitalize the "T" in The Woodlands. (Yeah, we don't know why either, except we guess it's meant to be classy.)

The WSJ goes on to say, quaintly: "The Woodlands is described as 28,000 forested acres with more than 50 builders creating everything from townhomes to custom estates."

Don't forget the part about how everything up there is some crazy "village" or something.

Still, it's good to see someone coming into the Houston housing market.

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Richard Connelly
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