What, The Name "Death To Jews" Was Taken?

Qatar Airways is making a big move in the Houston market -- it's got ads on the air touting its luxurious service, it's got a giant new 777 plying the new Houston-Doha route.

One thing it's probably not doing -- advertising in Houston's Jewish Herald-Voice. Or, if they are, they're probably not headlining the name of the new 777 flying exclusively from Houston to Doha.

Qatar Airways has named it the Gaza.

The airline names all its planes after cities or geographic locations in Qatar, but they changed the policy for the 777, the biggest commercial jet in the skies.

"I know many of us have been deeply touched by the civilian deaths in the recent bombing of Gaza," Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker told reporters. "Qatar Airways wants to recognize that innocent people, and in particular large numbers of children, were killed in these bomb attacks, and naming our latest aircraft 'Gaza' is a symbolic gesture to commemorate and honor these victims. The name 'Gaza' will fly around the world on Qatar Airways and spread a message of peace and humanity."

Yeahhhhh.......El Al Airlines might have a different take on the matter.

But hey, it's the Middle East. We're sure reasonable minds can agree to disagree.

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