What To Look For If You're Looking At The Texans And Saints

It's time for preseason game number two for the Houston Texans. This week, they're taking on the New Orleans Saints. The two teams have been practicing against each other this week, and yesterday, things got a bit heated as there were multiple fights punctuated by Saints tight end Jeremy Shockey and Texans linebacker DeMeco Ryans going at it for a bit. But this is just a preseason game, and I really wouldn't expect any of the front line players to expend much effort come Saturday night. So that said, here's some things to look for from the game.

10. Expect the bad blood from yesterday to be mentioned multiple times during the broadcasts for both teams. The Texans broadcasters will blame it all on the Saints; the Saints broadcasters will blame it all on the Texans.

9. Hey, do you know that Reggie Bush plays for the Saints? Did you know that there was this big controversy over whether the Texans should draft him or Vince Young? Did you know that the Texans took neither of them and drafted Mario Williams instead? Well, just in case you forgot, expect to be reminded countless times.

8. Saints QB Drew Brees and his receiving corps are seen as among the best in the NFL. Normally, this would mean that the Texans secondary would get toasted multiple times. But since Brees will probably only play about a quarter, then does he just toast them once, or does he still manage to burn them a couple of times?

7. Speaking of Brees, did you know his mother died last week, and that the funeral was on Monday? Well, expect to hear a lot about it.

6.  With Rex Grossman injured, which Texans QB will become the one to overthrow every receiver by about 15 yards?

5. Who contributes more on offense, Chris Brown, or Kris Brown? I'm going with Kris Brown.

4. Who gets injured first, Reggie Bush or Matt Schaub? Oops, I guess it's Bush. Bush makes Schaub look like a tough bastard.

3. What position will former Rice star James Casey play for the Texans this week? I think they ought to line him up at QB myself. But I don't care where he plays because I want him to make the team. I liked him at Rice and I think a good NFL coach can figure out a way to use him. Then again, I'm still not convinced that Gary Kubiak is a good NFL coach.

2.  First Brian Cushing injuring his knee. Now Cato June has a broken forearm. Who will be the next Texans linebacker lost to injury? Speaking of which, has Casey ever played on defense?

1. For some reason, I'm expecting to hear a lot of Katrina and Ike references, and none of them will be relevant to anything that's actually happening on the field.

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