That border fence doesn't know who it's messing with.

What You Call Hell, He Calls Home

Today the Associated Press has a story on comments made by Sylvester Stallone while in Mexico promoting Rocky Balboa, his latest flick.

The article has one helluva title -- "Stallone Attacks Mexican Border Fence" -- but it leaves so many questions unanswered.

To wit: Why is Sly so pissed? What exactly did the border fence do to him? Did it make his manager have a heart attack? Kill his mentor? Thwart his efforts to rescue POWs captured in Vietnam? Bring him out of suspended animation in a sanitized world? Challenge him to an arm-wrestling match to end all arm-wrestling matches?

Seriously, what did the Mexican border fence do to warrant such an attack?

We'll give you more details as they develop. Or, you know, whenever we think of more plot summaries. — Keith Plocek

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