WHAT?! You're Saying The Whole "Farouk Shami For Governor" Thing Might Not Work Out?

(Updated with statement from Shami.)

Hard as it may be to believe, the political career of Houston hair-products guru Farouk Shami might be in a little trouble.

His seasoned political staff has quit over strategy disputes with his seasoned hair-products staff.

E-mail inboxes in newsroom across the state, including ours, have been getting hit with messages said to be from the Shami campaign, criticizing rival Bill White for supporting racial profiling.

That was followed with another e-mail, meant for internal distribution, which -- to be honest -- we trashed without reading. The Houston Chronicle kept it, though:

Why are these amateurs with aol.com email addresses sending out these awful statements? These are the same people that give him quotes like great one about Mexicans and sunshine. No one with the campaign has authorized these statements and whoever they are, they are sabotaging every bit of legitimacy Farouk has as a candidate.

Well, dude, you might be overstating things when you imply Shami had a "bit of legitimacy" to sabotage, but to each his own.

"Clearly, (Shami) will not accept political strategy from the people who are there to provide it," one of the former staffers told the Austin American-Statesman.

There's still time for a comeback, of course -- although early voting has begun, there's still more than a week for Texans to learn how Shami will soon introduce a hair dryer that stops the balding process. (Really.)

Sure, he's lost his political staff. But did those guys ever do anything to stop baldness?

Shami has just issued this statement:

I want to thank Vince Leibowitz, Kelly Love Johnson and Charlie Ray for their hard work on the campaign. After a meeting with my senior staff, we came to an understanding that there were strategic differences between a few of us. Three of my senior staff members resigned, so I accepted their resignations on amicable terms.

Please do not underestimate my camp because my campaign is stronger than ever! I am the spokesperson, and I have a Communications team that has experience and believes in my vision. This morning we all woke up ready to fight because today is just one more day closer to the election. We have our soldiers in place all over the state of Texas, working their hearts out for a candidate that is bringing them new ideas, new jobs and new hope for Texas. I look forward to victory on March 2nd."

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Richard Connelly
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