Whatchoo Gonna Do When They Come...To Houston?

Houston cops and sheriff's deputies will be the stars in this Saturday's episode of Cops; this means, of course, that -- unknown to us -- original episodes of Cops are still being made, we guess.We just assumed they were in endless rerun status, but then again one Cops show is much like another.

The local departments have been on before, naturally; we think every agency outside of Mayberry has been featured by now.

But the Harris County Sheriff's Office is excited: "Want to see some of the HCSO Deputies in action? Then tune in to COPS on Saturday at 7:00 p.m. The HCSO will also appear in the February 27th and March 6th episodes. Set your DVRs now!!" it says on its Facebook page.

Both HPD and the HCSO will be featured, according to the show's website.

We can't say the episode sounds too exciting:

"Sgt. Matt Richard of the Houston Police Department is in position to back up another unit that is attempting to stop a vehicle for traffic violations!!!!" it says (Exclamation points added.)

"Deputy Rex Evans of the Harris County Sheriff's Department responds to the scene of a single vehicle rollover!!!!!" is the other relevant blurb. (Ditto.)

We can only hope the episode leads to a Houston version of a Ronnie Dobbs musical.

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Richard Connelly
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